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Unsure of what questions to ask a provider? Click here for a handy reference guide

What to look for in a family child care home. Click here to view the SCCCA's Quality Care Brochure

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Father and infant

Father and Infant

"I recently had to change child care providers for my 2 year-old son and the prospect of opening the phone book and calling each listing was daunting. The SCCCA parent referral website gave me all the information I needed to narrow my search. But most importantly I had the peace of mind of knowing that each of the providers listed was licensed and part of a networked community. In the end I was able to easily find a child care provider that was a great match for my son.

Thank you SCCCA for making my search easier and inspiring confidence in my decision."

Kelly B. ~ Sonoma County Parent

Welcome Parents

Your child's early years are very important. That is why, as a parent, you must demand the best care for them. When looking for child care it is important to be an educated consumer. The Sonoma County Child Care Association is able to assist parents in this process through referrals and resources.

Research indicates that 85% of a person's intellectual, emotional and cognitive ability is formed by the age of five, making the early years a vitally important time in a child's life.

A child's earliest teachers must love, respect, and nurture them. Selecting a provider who connects with young children emotionally is critical. It's very important that a family selects a provider who reads to their child every day, encourages curiosity, and allows a child to explore the world around him.

Remember that less expensive is not always better. Paying a little more generally will give you the security & peace of mind you are seeking.